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How to do Well at Your Residency Interview Dinner

posted Apr 21, 2015, 7:26 AM by Explore More   [ updated Jun 23, 2015, 9:10 AM ]

The most important aspect of the interview dinner is to go in the first place. Many prospective residents skip this dinner, which is a big mistake. It shows a lack of interest when you forego any part of an interview. This is especially true of the interview dinner.

Also, at the interview dinner, you can ask residents questions like what is your call schedule and what is resident life like. These are questions you might not want to ask in front of the faculty.

Here are tips on how to ace your interview dinner:

What to Wear: Wear business casual for the interview dinner. This is typically slacks and blouses for women and slacks and button-down shirts or polo shirts for men. This is in contrast to interview day where you must be dressed in a professional suit in conservative colors.

Ask the Right Questions: Don’t focus on how much time off you’ll receive because that might put the other residents off. That’s not to say you shouldn’t ask about it, but phrase questions carefully. Otherwise, the residents might think you aren’t good to work with.

Good questions to ask are: How often are the calls? How flexible is PTO? How flexible are the months we can take PTO?

Questions to avoid are: How much PTO do I get? How often do I have to be on call? When are my call weekends?

Avoid Too Much Alcohol: Some prospective residents drink too much at the interview dinner. It’s best to drink no more than one glass of wine.

Bring the Right Guest: If you bring a guest to the dinner, make sure he or she understands the expectations of behavior. While you might not drink too much, your guest may not follow suit. Even though you’re sober, your guest may become too intoxicated and will make you look bad by association.