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The Five Things I Love About Residency

posted Apr 21, 2015, 7:45 AM by Explore More   [ updated Jun 23, 2015, 9:04 AM ]

Your residency is where you will apply the knowledge you learned in osteopathic medical school to refine your education, so you will be able to decide the kind of doctor you will be, where you will practice and what lifestyle that you want.

During residency you will build strong connections, not just with patients but with other residents and faculty members.

Also, satisfaction with family practice residency training is high, according to the ACOFP Primer for Starting Osteopathic Family Medicine Programs.

Graduates say their residencies did an “excellent” or “good” job of preparing them for practice, especially regarding coordinating care with community resources, providing preventive care and offering cost effective care.

Here are some aspects of your residency you may
really enjoy:

1. Strong Friendships: During residency you will meet many new and interesting people. It’s a family atmosphere, especially among residents, where you look out for each other.

2. Supportive faculty: Your program director will help you in so many ways to complete your rotations and will make sure you meet all the standards. Faculty and subspecialists, who are strongly committed to teaching and patient care, will guide you through the process.

3. Teamwork: In some cases, if you can’t make your rotation due to an emergency, your program director will guide you, and you will have no trouble finding a backup. Likewise, when other residents need your help, you’ll step up, if you can. You’re in the trenches together, so you understand what each other is going through.

4. Patient Care: You will take care of patients from a diverse background and pathology. Through your rotations, you will perform a variety of duties, including delivering babies, setting a broken arm and fighting chronic disease.

5. Great Learning Experience: You will learn so much in places that you may never have expected. It opens you up to new worlds and experiences in people’s lives that you may never have thought possible.