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What to do After Your Interview?

posted Sep 19, 2016, 7:07 AM by Explore More   [ updated Sep 19, 2016, 7:15 AM ]

After the interview, write down some thoughts about the day because you will go on a lot of interviews, and your days will run together. You will be tired and you want to make sure you’re thinking about how comfortable you felt when you were there.

Here are some questions to ask yourself afterward:

  • Was there a resident you really liked and wanted to spend time? Can you see working with them?
  • Was there someone who rubbed you the wrong way and do you feel you feel a lot of the residents were like that?
  • Was the day really chaotic or did it run smoothly and it went well?
  • How did the residents interact with each other? Did they seem like they liked each other?
  • How did the Program Directors act? Were the residents different when the Program Director was around or not around.
  • Did you feel comfortable?

Make sure you write the answers to these questions down and keep them with the questions that the residents answered for you and the research you did for the program because you are going to need it later.

Get the names of your interviewers because you want to send them thank you notes. Send separate thank you notes to the program directors. It’s OK to send a group thank you note to all the residents unless you have a specific issue that you wanted to asked a particular residents, then you can send that separately. 

If they invited you with a separate look, you can definitely go.  If you’re truly interested, keep in touch. It’s hard for program directors and residents to get to know you in one day, so it’s good to touch base and say that you enjoyed your time there and you are really interested.